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The Back Story

So,You Want to Breed Poultry?

Defining your goals helps focus efforts for success

Real Reviews

‘This Way to the Egress'

Brinsea ChickSafe Advance automatic coop door opener with optional door

Hands-on Help

Poop in the Coop and Everywhere Else

Why do chickens poop so much?


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Plain Talk

Calcium and Your Flock

Go ahead, grab the label off of your newest bag of feed and read through the ingredients. There is a lot there! We all k... READ MORE

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Hands-on Help

The Risks of Too Much Protein

The mantra of many chicken owners is “protein is king.” While in some situations this is not wrong, many times animals a... READ MORE

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Plain Talk

All About the Bloom

If you are new to chicken keeping, then you probably have not yet had an in-depth conversation with someone about “the b... READ MORE