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Alternative Flock

Which Duck Breed is Best for You?

As a lifelong duck breeder, I’ve learned a thing or two about different duck breeds, so let me offer some pointers to ...

The Back Story

Mr. President, If You Please

A Letter of Introduction from Mark Podgwaite, American Poultry Association President


Pitesky's Poultry

Chicken coronaviruses:  Infectious Bronchitis Virus

Infectious Bronchitis Virus and Your Flock


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Real Reviews

Water Enough for All

The BriteTap Chicken Waterer

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Plain Talk

Summer Water Myths and Misconceptions

This time of year, chicken-keepers look to new and different ways to care for their flocks, and chan... READ MORE

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Hands-on Help

The Risks of Too Much Protein

The mantra of many chicken owners is “protein is king.” While in some situations this is not wrong, many times animals a... READ MORE

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Plain Talk

All About the Bloom

If you are new to chicken keeping, then you probably have not yet had an in-depth conversation with someone about “the b... READ MORE

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Excellent Eggs

Why Not Duck Eggs? When chefs covet duck eggs...

When people say “eggs,” they normally think of chicken eggs. But why not duck eggs? Duck eggs are more nutritionally den... READ MORE