Enter to win this easy-to-use disinfection mat PLUS 1 Gallon of Oxine AH sanitizer,a 1-pound container of citric acid, AND a $25 gift card for Revival Animal Health.A $115 value!Features of this disinfection kit: Simply fill mat with disinfectant and see it work— place mat at entrances/exits for increased...
The latest issue of Chicken Whisperer Magazine is out, and is ready to help you enjoy your flock even more. Inside, look for articles on:
  • The best bedding choices and management
  • Why some chicks fail to thrive
  • The science of poultry vision
  • Reminders on backyard biosecurity
  • The surprising, storied history of the American Poultry Association
  • A review of the Revival Animal Health Disinfection Mat
  • And a message from Andy on evaluating internet chicken “facts”
The latest issue of Chicken Whisperer Magazine is ready, here to help you through this season’s challenges for your flock.  Inside, look for articles on:
  • It’s flu season—do you know the signs?
  • Learn all about how eggshells form
  • Winter dietary changes for your flock
  • Why antibiotics disappeared from feed store shelves
  • Dustbathing: what is it, anyway?
  • A review of the Brinsea Ova-Easy 190 incubator
  • And an announcement about Andy Schneider’s new book
Fantastic Feed Feast ContestEnter to win win a year’s worth of feed.A $500 value! Wouldn’t it be great to be able to sleep at night knowing your chickens are enjoying all the nutrition they could?  You could, and win a year’s worth of feed, too—a $500 value! The winner of the...
Fall EditionChicken owners, the latest issue of Chicken Whisperer Magazine is out, ready ready to help you through this season's challenges for your flock. Inside, you'll find articles on:
  • Pitesky's Poulty: Protecting against predators
  • Plain Talk: Chicken digestion, Part II
  • The Back Story of Curing and smoking poultry meat
  • Old World vs. New World quail
  • Grandpa's Feeder review
Enter to win this WEATHERPROOF standard size feeder from Grandpa’s FeedersAfter years of losing valuable food to sparrows, rats, and mice,  Bill (Grandpa) Kirkham, a retired farmer, perfected his automatic chicken feeder. Grandpa’s Poultry feeders have a hinged lid over the feed trough Holds...