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The Chicken Movement

Plain Talk

Tips for a Stress-Free Spring ...

Your chickens are probably enjoying the sunshine, green grass and proliferation of bugs to snack on. We have put together six tips to make sure this season is stress free for you and your backyard chi... READ MORE

Chicken Scratch

Keep Your Rooster from Harassi...

The rooster struts around the coop and yard like he owns the place. He’s in charge and should protect the hens. Sometimes, however, roosters can become overly aggressive with hens. Learn how to spot t... READ MORE

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Benefits & Challenges of Raisi...

Nothing says simple country living like a flock of chickens. If you live in a suburban area, you may still be able to raise chickens, but there are a few things to consider. 




Getting Recognized in the Standa...

The American Poultry Association has a detailed process for recognizing a breed. Only birds from breeds recognized by the APA are eligible for awards.  One of the APA’s founding principles is: “That n... READ MORE

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