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Open and Shut


Enter to win a Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Coop Door A $265 VALUE!

Protect your flock with this chicken coop door that automatically opens and closes when you want.


Designed by two chicken-keepers with more than 50 years of engineering experience,  the Pullet-Shut Automatic Chicken Door is the best-engineered, best-made chicken door available today.

  • Strong structural anodized aluminum frame; solid aluminum door panel; rust-free nickel-plated brass pivot pin; brass motor connector; stainless steel bolts, nuts, and washers
  • No special wiring needed—12 volt rechargeable battery with solar panel or trickle charger
  • Will fit any coop with a door space over 18 inches
  • Choice of left- or right-hand swing
  • Choice of programming mode or optional adjustable photo sensor mode

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