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Poultry Today

Are You Considering Your Sourc...

As another spring quickly approaches, and thousands of newcomers embark on keeping backyard chickens, I once again have to emphasize the importance of where you get your information. You have to ask y... READ MORE

Pitesky's Poultry

Understanding Failure to Thriv...

The first week of your chick’s life is an exciting time for everyone. Good management will help ensure your chicks get to their second week of life. When you do have a problem, however, early recognit... READ MORE

Poultry Today

Practice Makes Perfect - Backy...

With the backyard chicken movement exploding across the country, biosecurity is more important than ever to protect both backyard chickens and the multi-billion commercial poultry industry. In your ro... READ MORE



Poultry Today

A Case of Need: The story behind...

On any given day you can find more than 200 rescued animals comfortably enjoying their lives on my farm, Crazy K Poultry and Livestock, aka Crazy K Farm, a 501(c )(3) non-profit animal sanctuary in He... READ MORE

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