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Plain Talk

All About the Bloom

If you are new to chicken keeping, then you probably have not yet had an in-depth conversation with someone about “the bloom.” If you are the average chicken keeper, with chickens for about five or si... READ MORE

Excellent Eggs

Why Not Duck Eggs? When chefs ...

When people say “eggs,” they normally think of chicken eggs. But why not duck eggs? Duck eggs are more nutritionally dense than chicken eggs. Ducks can be as productive as chickens in egg production. ... READ MORE

Excellent Eggs

Put Those Eggs to Good Use

Your backyard chickens are doing a great job! They’re laying eggs like crazy, and your refrigerator—if not your kitchen counter—is starting to fill up with egg cartons. That is a good problem to have,... READ MORE



Poultry Today

A Case of Need: The story behind...

On any given day you can find more than 200 rescued animals comfortably enjoying their lives on my farm, Crazy K Poultry and Livestock, aka Crazy K Farm, a 501(c )(3) non-profit animal sanctuary in He... READ MORE

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