Chicken Whisperer Magazine Winter 2014

Published on Thu, 12/18/2014 - 2:50pm

Rising Up for Chickens

In the spring issue of Chicken Whisperer
Magazine, we announced our Spring Flock Contest.
When the contest was over and a winner was
chosen, I tried to contact the sponsor to arrange
shipment of the prize: a new chicken coop. To my
surprise and disappointment, I found the company
had gone out of business. Their phone had been
disconnected and their website was deleted. They
were nowhere to be found.
I reached out to other companies that carried
their product, and they, too, had experienced the
same outcome. This put me in a bit of a pickle: I needed to make good on a prize
that had already been promised, but no longer existed.
I consulted with my associates at Heartland Communications Group, Inc., the
company that publishes this magazine, and we decided to reach out to another
coop company sponsor to see if any of them would be willing to rise up and turn a
bad situation into a good one.
I knew exactly who to contact: Urban Coop Company in Dripping Springs,
Texas. I met these great folks on my spring book tour. They wanted their coops
to be “Chicken Whisperer Approved” and carry our logo. After spending the day
with them, touring their production facility, inspecting their coops, talking business,
and breaking bread together, I got a really good understanding about what kind of
people they were, both personally and professionally.
Armed with this knowledge, I picked up the phone, called them, and explained
the unfortunate circumstances regarding the Spring Flock Contest. Sure enough,
they agreed to rise up and turn a bad situation into a good one.
I contacted the winner to give her the good news, and of course she was very
excited—she was getting an awesome coop from an awesome company. In fact,
the same company that sponsored the coop contest in the summer issue of Chicken
Whisperer Magazine had now agreed to give away two coops in as many issues!
So, it goes without saying that I owe the owners of Urban Coop Company a great
big thank you for their invaluable help in reversing an unfortunate situation. Their
actions serve as a welcome reminder that there are still good people out there who
will go above and beyond to help solve a problem and, in the process, help put a
smile on the winner’s face.
Next time you are in the market for a new chicken coop for your backyard,
remember this story while thinking about the type of company you would like
to spend your money with. Urban Coop Company is passionate about building
chicken coops, because they know you’re passionate about your chickens.