Help Brinsea Incubation Specialists celebrate 40 years of making great products for bird breeders with their “Big Four-Oh” contest. Building on the success of their best-selling Mini 7 egg incubator, Brinsea has announced the all-new Maxi II Advance with 14 egg capacity. Offering great all-round visibility...
The latest issue of Chicken Whisperer Magazine is here to help you this season. we bring you:
  • The importance of getting the right balance of calcium and phosphorus in your chickens' diet
  • What to look for—other than beautiful brown eggs—when raising Marans
  • Tips to choose and maintain the best bedding for your flock
  • Biosecurity options to keep your free range birds healthy
  • A "review" of what it takes to start raising birds
  • A GQF box brooder giveaway
  • And Andy Schneider’s take on the current Salmonella outbreak
GQF Box Brooders are designed to eliminate stress in young birds by providing plenty of heat, fresh air, light, feed and water space, and sanitary conditions, all within a confined area. Three clear plastic panels allow easy viewing of the brooder’s interior. Each brooder comes with three 28-1/2˝ troughs which...